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Why Political Polling Is Often Wrong

Polls have been misleading in recent election predictions. But political polling is particularly challenging and shouldn’t cast doubt on other types of surveys.

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Four Ageist Workplace Myths and Why They’re Untrue

Polco data reveals many older adults have difficulty finding new jobs. But research shows businesses that ignore older workers are missing out.



Why It’s So Hard for Small Cities To Get Grant Funding

Many small organizations don’t have the extra resources to apply for grants, even though they need it most. 


Case Studies

How Governments Can Increase Email Subscribers

The City of Celina, Texas, collaborates with other organizations to improve outreach to residents.

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Letter From the Editor 

After the midterms, I kept hearing discussions about why people bother paying attention to polls since they’ve been consistently inaccurate. I questioned the same thing. I'm fairly new to the survey world. I didn’t know how election polling worked. I talked to our survey science expert and thought-leader Erin Caldwell about the topic, and she taught me there are actually a lot of restrictions in election polling that make political predictions hard to pin down. The challenges she told me about would have never crossed my mind.

Our conversation got me thinking about how we are often unaware of the complexities of other people's jobs. The survey industry, in particular, is scientific with a lot of nitty-gritty details involved. A deep comprehension of survey science is why Polco is so beneficial to local governments; we have experts like Erin with decades of experience. That knowledge allows us to leverage tried-and-true best practices in survey methodology, while also leading the nation in civic analytics innovations. That expertise is an invaluable asset to decision-makers who rely on accurate data to improve their communities.


  Jessie O'Brien | Polco Copywriter and The Civil Review Editor

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