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Three Creative Ways Local Govs Used Resident Feedback To Take Action

Local governments can use Polco for fast feedback from real residents on focused topics! See how the City of Morro Bay, the City of Eagan, and the City of Gardena used online surveying to get community feedback on hiring a new police chief, developing a sustainability initiative, and creating a homelessness plan.

New White Paper Release: A Roadmap to Collaborative Budgeting

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Balancing Act, which is now part of Polco, co-released a white paper with GovTech companies Envisio and Questica that shows local governments how to bring the budgeting process into the modern age. Old fashion budgeting methods make it difficult for stakeholders to get on the same page. This leads to a budget that does not fully support strategic goals. The white paper, A Roadmap for Real Collaboration in Budgeting, gives readers a straightforward guide to align decision-makers around what is most important.

Download the white paper

Latest Articles and Research

Learn more about community engagement insights and trends leaders should know.



How to know your data reflects your entire community with tips from a survey expert.

TCR Poster Ep 3 - Busting Ageist Workplace Myths


Busting Ageist Workplace Myths

Older adults face more barriers when it comes to finding jobs. Ageist workplace myths contribute to that reality. We discuss why those myths are untrue in TCR Podcast.

Skokie_(Dempster)_CTA_Station -wikipedia public trasnportation

Case Studies

Where Residents Love To Ride the Bus: Public Transportation in Skokie

The Village’s public transportation is rated among the best in the nation by residents. Learn why. 



Auto-Weighting Now Available With Polco's Online Surveys

A simple button allows local governments to see the difference between the raw survey results next to the auto-weighted data. 

Get Your Exclusive Top 10 Community Needs Report


Discover how residents’ community priorities are shifting. Experts mine community data to uncover what matters most to residents today.  The data can help align government-resident priorities around the most important issues and streamline planning initiatives. 

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🤓 The Civil Review Quiz 🤓 

How well do you think you know American communities? Take The Civil Review quiz to find out. Each month we take a question from one of our surveys. See if you can guess the right data point in a multiple choice poll and learn the answer in the next Civil Review.

In celebration of Older American's Month, we're asking a question from our older adults survey, CASOA. How many older adults attended a public meeting (of local elected officials, like City Council) in the past year? 

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Here's how you answered last month's question:

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And the correct answer is 🥁🥁🥁 — 53%!

To be fair, that percentage is an average over time. In 2022, 39% of Americans approved of growth in their community. 

Give it another try? 

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